NBE Therapeutics is focused on moving its lead compound, NBE-002, an anti-ROR1 antibody-drug conjugate, through clinical development. The ROR (receptor tyrosine kinase-like orphan receptor) family members have significant prevalence in various solid tumors but are largely absent in normal adult tissues.

Using its unique immune stimulatory iADC™ platform, the company is developing best-in-class oncology treatments for triple negative breast cancer and lung cancer, as well as other solid cancer indications and lymphomas which express ROR1. First-in-human clinical trials are due to start in three US centers by the end of 2020, to assess NBE-002’s safety and effectiveness for increasing survival and improving quality of life for cancer patients.

The company’s pipeline is fueled through technologies covering all aspects of ADC development, including:

  • Transpo-mAb Display™ technology for antibody discovery
  • SMAC-Technology™ for site-specific payload conjugation of toxins to antibodies
  • A novel highly effective and immune-stimulatory anthracycline-based toxin platform
ADC graph

Antibody Discovery

  • Novel binders against any novel target
  • Mammalian Ab library display system
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Site specific conjugation

  • Enzymatic conjugation with sortaseA enzyme (Transpeptidase enzyme)
  • SMAC-technologyTM = sortase mediated antibody conjugation
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Highly potent payload with IO function

  • Highly potent anthracycline-based DNA damaging intercalating toxin (pico molar potency)
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  • Immune-Oncology function of anthracyclines well documented. Best-in-class activators of DCs (usually serve as positive controls) and strongly stimulating adaptive, cellular immunity
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