NBE-Therapeutics' Transpo-mAbTM Display for development of humanized or fully human antibodies

Complementing its two core technology platforms for the manufacturing of ADCs, SMAC-TechnologyTM and the PNU anthracycline payload, NBE-Therapeutics has also developed Transpo-mAbTM, a novel antibody discovery method involving mammalian cell display. Transpo-mAbTM is based on the expression of libraries of full-length antibodies on the surface of precursor B cells mediated by stable DNA-Transposition. This technology can be used to develop highest quality therapeutic antibodies against any target of choice, and is ideally suited to screen antibody libraries derived from immunized animals and other sources. Transpo-mAbTM represents a major improvement in comparison to other mammalian cell-based antibody screening platforms since it incorporates a functional screening step, allowing for identification of mAbs suitable for the development of potent ADCs already during the early stages of antibody screening.

Competitive advantages: