Value Proposition

NBE-Therapeutics offers a unique combination of success factors for its shareholders and investors.


  • The Company is led by a lean management with combined over 30 years of industry experience in the field of antibody related drug development & engineering
  • The Supervisory Board is composed of individuals with strong industry experience and strong entrepreneurial thinkingg
  • The Company’s R&D activities are supported by an internationally renowned Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of academic experts in the field of antibody and ADC discovery and engineering


Business Model & Strategy

  • NBE-Therapeutics owns a set of proprietary technologies, which are used for internal ADC development, but which can also be licensed and partnered in the framework of value-adding commercial collaborations
  • Technology and ADC development activities actively supported by academic collaborations with top-tier national and international academic institutions
  • Leveraging proprietary technologies and academic collaborations for the development of selected first- and best-in-class ADC products from preclinical cancer models to clinical validation in patients


Technology & Intellectual Property

  • Full ownership of three key technology platforms enabling ADC development: (i) therapeutic antibody discovery & engineering (Transpo-mAbTM Display technology), (ii) site-specific toxin payload conjugation technology based on sortase enzymes (SMAC-technologyTM), and (iii) ultra-potent, anthracycline-based toxin platform
  • All enabling technologies are technically validated and integrate efficiently
  • Development strategy driven by thorough understanding of target biology through academic partnerships
  • Growing pipeline of potent ADC product candidates developed, with selected leads transitioning into cGMP manufacturing and IND enabling preclinical development