SMAC-TechnologyTM manufacturing of ADCs

In order to overcome the known limitations inherent to chemical conjugation of small molecule toxic drugs to antibodies, which leads to heterogeneous ADCs with variable drug to antibody ratio and functional properties, NBE-Therapeutics has developed the patent-pending SMAC-TechnologyTM (sortase-enzyme mediated antibody conjugation) for site-specific enzymatic conjugation of small molecule drugs to antibodies. The IP is protected by pending patents from international PCT patent application WO2014140317A1 and has been published in Beerli et al. (2015) PLoS One 10: e0131177.

NBE-Therapeutics has fully validated this conjugation technology for the highly efficient manufacturing of site-specifically conjugated and homogeneous next-generation antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) against relevant cancer cell targets.


Competitive advantages of this technology are:

  • Complete control of conjugation site and conjugation ratio
  • High-yield conjugation under mild, physiological conditions
  • Straightforward purification of conjugated ADCs
  • Homogeneous ADCs
  • Lower cost of goods
  • Possibility to conjugate to different toxic payloads to one mAb
  • No requirement for IP-protected linkers, opening new space with validated toxin classes