NBE-Therapeutics' Transpo-mAbTM Display for development of humanized or fully human antibodies

In addition to NBE-Therapeutics' SMAC-TechnologyTM for specific conjugation of toxic payloads to antibodies, NBE-Therapeutics has also developed a novel, patent-pending in vitro mammalian cell based expression and screening technology, called Transpo-mAbTM Display. This technology is based in the expression of libraries of full-length, fully human antibodies on the surface of precursor B cells mediated by stable DNA-Transposition. This technology can be used to develop highest quality therapeutic human antibodies against any target of choice, and is ideally suited to screen antibody libraries derived from immunized animals or from other in vitro screening technologies. Our novel technology allows stable integration of antibody constructs into any mammalian host cell type, thereby enabling perfect genotype to phenotype coupling, without the need to use viral vector systems. This technology represents a major improvement in comparison to other mammalian and virus-based mammalian cell based antibody expression and screening platforms. Transpo-mAb technology is the most effective mammalian cell-based antibody expression and display platform so far developed. Transpo-mAbTM Display technology is protected in Europe by granted European patent EP2687599B1 and several international patent applications derived from international, PCT patent application WO2014013026A1.

Competitive advantages:

  • Flexible & powerful mammalian cell based discovery approach
  • Facilitates iterative antibody discovery and optimization due to stable genotype-phenotype coupling
  • Generation of fully human antibodies with superior CMC properties, high expressibility and low aggregation
  • Accelerated process of antibody clone identification
  • No handling of potentially hazardous viral particles required
  • High level stable expression of antibody libraries in any mammalian cell type