NBE-Therapeutics' USP

NBE Therapeutics' unique selling proposition (USP) in the field of Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) Development lies in the combination of know-how and technologies available in a single Biotech start-up entity. The majority of players in the ADC field mostly cover one or two aspects of ADC development, e.g. a conjugation approach or a novel toxin, which requires partnering and licenses to access the missing aspects of an ADC. Since incorporation, NBE-Therapeutics has pursued its vision to develop enabling and proprietary technologies allowing NBE-Therapeutics and its partners to address all aspects of ADC discovery and development.

Except for target research and validation, which is covered by academic partnerships, NBE-Therapeutics is uniquely positioned to develop novel, first- and best-in-class ADCs against any desired cancer cell target.

As a result of these capabilities, the intellectual property portfolio of the company covers technology platforms as well as novel composition of matter of therapeutic antibodies and ADCs.