Intellectual Property

NBE-Therapeutics’ patent portfolio is rapidly expanding. Initially, the company had started with the development and validation of enabling technologies allowing ADC development. This research has resulted in three patent-pending key-technology platforms fully owned by NBE-Therapeutics:

1.) Transpo-mAbTM Display therapeutic antibody discovery and engineering platform based on international patent application WO2014013026A1, which has already been granted as European patent EP2692865B1.

2.) SMAC-technologyTM allowing highly efficient and site-specific conjugation of toxin payloads to antibodies by sortase-mediated transpeptidation (WO2014140317A2).

3.) Ultra-potent anthracycline based toxin platform, resulting in highly potent and stable ADCs for efficacious and safe cancer therapy (WO2016102679A1).

Meanwhile a growing portfolio of pending patents are on file for individual ADC program candidates (see ADC Product Development). This portfolio is still largely unpublished and will be updated upon publication of the pending patents.