Basel, 2017-05-15 - NBE-Therapeutics' publishes paper showcasing high potency of NBE's ADCs

Peer-reviewed paper describing NBE-Therapeutics' highly potent ADCs published in AACR journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics

The May 2017 issue of the prestigious AACR journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics (MCT) contains the peer-reviewed publication of NBE-Therapeutics showcasing highly potent next-generation antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) developed by NBE-Therapeutics. This study showcases the  in vitro and in vivo characterization of site-specifically conjugated ADCs based on benchmark mAbs trastuzumab and brentuximab comprising a derivative of the highly potent anthracycline toxin payload PNU-159682.

This publication is freely accessible for download as a PDF at the link:


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